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January 5, 2013

Welcome to our blog! We hope this open discussion will assist you in your travel to Munich. Leave a comment, ask a question, answer a question.

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How Was The Meeting?

March 26, 2013

So, how was the meeting?  Did you have a good time?  Please take a few moments and tell us your personal experience, both in the technical meetings AND the fun stuff.  Did your travel go well?  Did you make new friends and contacts?  Was it beneficial to your company?  The world is getting smaller and we appreciate your teamwork in enhancing our international presence.

Technical Meetings

January 5, 2013

We are pleased that most all the technical activities (working groups, etc.) are meeting in Munich.  Thanks to all the leaders who have committed to making the trip and continuing the scope of the Committee!

Suggestions to Planning Team

January 5, 2013

Do you have any suggestions for the local planning team in Munich? … like … “Add more caffeine to the coffee”.  Note: Please post any questions or suggestions specifically about future meetings on the “Future Meetings” page.  Thank you.

Socials, Tours, etc.

January 5, 2013

Do you have any questions or concerns about the socials & tours included on the Meeting Schedule?  Note: Please post any questions or concerns specifically about the Spouse/Companion Tours on the “Spouse/Companions Talk” page.  Thank you.

Alternate Hotels

January 5, 2013

Some of you have asked about a less expensive hotel to stay at before & after the meeting (perhaps you’re staying in Munich after the meeting, and want a cheaper place to lay your head).  If you are staying at another hotel, please post a new comment and let us know where you are staying (name of hotel, location & distance from hotel) and the rate you quoted.  We’re interested!

Dolce Hotel

January 5, 2013

Any questions or concerns about the Dolce Hotel?  The hotel is now taking reservations (see the link on the Committee’s website).

Spouse/Companions Events

January 5, 2013

Are the spouses/companions (ok, you’re mostly women) excited about the trip?

Future Meetings

January 5, 2013

Do you have questions or suggestions about the future meetings … in St. Louis (20-24 October 2013), and Savannah, Georgia (23-27 March 2014).

Side Trips?

January 5, 2013

Is anyone taking a side-trip before or after the meeting?  I hear some people are visiting another nearby country or perhaps doing some skiing south of Munich.

How Are You Getting There?

January 5, 2013

So, how are you getting to Munich?  Your example can help those considering a path to the meeting.

General Travel Tips

January 5, 2013

I’ve heard drinking heavily right before boarding a flight makes the flight more enjoyable (ha!).  Do you have any general travel tips?